Floor Care Services

Maintaining your VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) or Tile Floors:

Do you have a maintenance plan for your VCT or Tile Floors?  Did you know that hard surface finished floors will last longer and look much cleaner when a scheduled maintenance program is instilled? Let Cleanstar uphold the look of your floors by incorporating the following procedures:

- Stripping and Refinishing VCT Floors:
          Cleanstar will remove all of the former floor finish and then thoroughly clean your VCT floor.    
         Afterwards we will apply several new coats of floor finish in order to protect your floor from
         damage and give it an optimal appearance.

- Scrubbing and Recoating VCT Floors:
          By periodically removing the top layer of your floors finish, thoroughly cleaning the floor, and
          then reapplying a new finish, Cleanstar will extend the life of you floors finish and save you
          money by reducing the frequency of more costly Strip and Refinish projects.

- Buffing or High Speed Burnishing:
          Cleanstar can restore the shine to your finished floors in order to keep them looking their
          absolute best. Depending on the amount of traffic your floors receive, we will work with you to
         develop a buffing or burnishing program to fit your specific needs.

Carpet Cleaning:

We all know that dirty carpets to not give your facility a clean appearance.  It is advisable that regular carpet cleaning services are provided in order to extend the carpets life and to keep then looking clean and professional.  Let Cleanstar provide you with any of our carpet cleaning options:
          - Carpet Extraction
          - Carpet Shampooing
          - Carpet Spot and Stain Removal
          - Bonnet Cleaning
Servicing a Wide Range of Professional or Commercial Environments

- Office Buildings
- Retail Stores/Centers
- Bank & Financial Institutions
- Schools & Day Care Centers
- Churches/Religious Facilities
- Medical Facilities
- Fitness Centers
- Theaters/Entertainment Centers
- And More



Cleaning Services
• Complete Janitorial Cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile)
• Striping & Refinishing
• Spot/Stain Removal
• Specializing in Grafitti Removal
• Escalator cleaning
• Emergency Cleaning
• Pressure Washing
Maintenance Services
• Door Repairs
• Carpentry
• Windows
• Lighting & Minor Electrical
• Dry Wall
• Painting
• Glass Replacement
• Structural
• General Repair
Paper Supply Sales
• Kitchen Roll Towels
• Multifold Towels
• Toiletries
• Hand Soap
• Dispensers
• Facial Tissue
• Garbage Can Liners and more!
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