Why us

Cleanstar believes that communication is the cornerstone of providing a successful service to our clients. Our customer service department is always ready to take on any challenge or question that you as our client may have. By responding promptly to your needs and concerns, we can ensure that your facility is treated for properly. Not only do we perform routine customer service calls to ensure our clients satisfaction, but our highly trained management (or supervisors) regularly visit your establishment to ensure that our employees are performing their tasks with the utmost quality and care deserved.

Cleanstar's dedication to detail and our hands-on approach to training our employees gives our clients reassurance that every job is executed with quality and care. This is why Cleanstar goes through extreme measures to constantly track the progress and quality of our employee's performance.

Cleanstar's Automated Time Tracking System:
Never again will you have to call your cleaning service to tell them that their cleaning crew was not on site the night before. Cleanstar's automated time tracking system allows us to know whether or not our employees are on site and on time simply by requiring them to clock in and out from the job site's telephone. This system allows us to be more organized and in control of our employees which, in turn, gives you, our client a more consistent and better service.

Cleaning Services
• Complete Janitorial Cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile)
• Striping & Refinishing
• Spot/Stain Removal
• Specializing in Grafitti Removal
• Escalator cleaning
• Emergency Cleaning
• Pressure Washing
Maintenance Services
• Door Repairs
• Carpentry
• Windows
• Lighting & Minor Electrical
• Dry Wall
• Painting
• Glass Replacement
• Structural
• General Repair
Paper Supply Sales
• Kitchen Roll Towels
• Multifold Towels
• Toiletries
• Hand Soap
• Dispensers
• Facial Tissue
• Garbage Can Liners and more!
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